Getting an Auto Loan with bad credit has never been easier. With our years of experience in the Sub-Prime auto loan business we can get you into a car as easy as 1-2-3.
Our Simple Qualifications
At least 1 year on current job
Earn minimum $1,500 a month
No repossesions in the last year
Money down may be required
Current U.S. or Canada
I meet the minimum requirements

Car Loans for People with No Credit

Many poeple with bad credit need a car loan for transportation and to rebuild their credit at the same time.
If you have bad credit and you're currently looking for car lots that finance bad credit auto loans , there's a good chance you may have come across one of those "we finance tote the note" car dealer offers. For many consumers with bad credit, car dealers that finance their own cars may seem like the only way to get financing for a car if you have bad credit. And while these "tote the note" and "buy here pay here" car dealers offer a legitimate service to many consumers who would otherwise not be able to obtain financing, they will not help you establish your car credit or raise your FICO score.

Because these tote the note car lots are also companies specializing loans for people with bad credit, you may be thinking that qualifying for a car loan from one of them will help raise your credit score. Unfortunately, these types of tote the note car lots don't really offer the type of auto financing that will help you in the long run. Although you may make every single payment on time, the dealer will not report this payment history to each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

When you visit one of these "buy here pay here" companies specializing in loans for people with bad credit, you'll quickly notice that most of their vehicles are five years old and older with high miles. You'll also find that most of them are priced above NADA and Kelley Blue Book retail and the down payment requirements are quite high.

Fact #1 Most tote the note dealers are looking to recoup the cost of the vehicle with just your down payment.

Fact #2 If more people with bad credit were aware of the many legitimate companies specializing car loans for people with bad credit that are available to help them, these buy here pay here car lots would be doing a much lower volume of business.

The solution to the problem of finding companies specializing in loans for people with bad credit is to go online. We have helped thousands of people in America with bad, blemished, bruised and tarnished credit buy cars and reestablish their credit at the same time. also has a network of affiliate dealers that deal with companies specializing car loans for people with bad credit and throughout the U.S.

We can match you with car dealers that can provide you with companies specializing car loans for people with bad credit even if you have a history of bad credit, poor credit or bankruptcy. Often, these loans are available with no down payment. So stop riding the bus or driving that old clunker and begin the application process so that you can get approved. Menu