Getting an Auto Loan with bad credit has never been easier. With our years of experience in the Sub-Prime auto loan business we can get you into a car as easy as 1-2-3.
Our Simple Qualifications
At least 1 year on current job
Earn minimum $1,500 a month
No repossesions in the last year
Money down may be required
Current U.S. or Canada
I meet the minimum requirements

Tote The Note Car Lot Options

Bad credit car buyers need a car loan and Tote The Note Car Lot Options can help.
A lot of people that just could not find a dealership or lender anywhere that was able to offer them financing to get into a new or used vehicle has found another option. Even though there are some many different finance options out there you have to know what you can or can not do. Keep in mind that this is an option that has been around for a while and depending on your city or state you are closer to it then you think.

The option that I am referring to can be found at your local tote the note car dealerships, and believe it or not this may be the option that you have been searching for but never knew it was available. When it comes to these car lots they operate just like the traditional dealerships. But there is something that sets them apart though and that is the fact that they don't rely on the services from outside lending companies.

The tote the note dealers have what is called in house finance. That is the ability to do all of the financing, approvals and collecting of the payments for the loans in house or at the dealership. This is very convenient because when working with we tote your note dealers the rules are usually not as strict and there are more repayment options available for the bad credit car buyers.

Fact #1 Most tote the note dealers are looking to recoup the cost of the vehicle with just your down payment.

Fact #2 If more people with bad credit were aware of the many legitimate companies specializing car loans for people with bad credit that are available to help them, these buy here pay here car lots would be doing a much lower volume of business.

If you know you are a little bit tired of going from dealership to dealership working with this lender and that one only to be denied. If this is your thoughts then its time for a change because the goal is still at hand of getting into a vehicle that meets your needs. You do not have to feel like you are alone because there are people who have been in the same or similar position as you before they visited their local tote the note car lots.

This option will remain the last resort for bad credit car buyers who never get the reason for the non approval of an auto loan. But without losing hope you have a chance to get into the vehicle you can afford and budget for through tote the note car dealerships. Remember there have been many others that have used this in house dealer financing option before you and will continue to be many others after you. Menu